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New in the Surgical Strike Unit series!

The Surgical Strike Unit Box Set: Volume 1

The SSU Box Set Cover

Get the following books in the series in one volume! Undercover, Vengeance and Betrayal.


In his quest for vengeance, he’s turned himself into a criminal…


Scarred by a tragic past, one woman will do anything to exact vengeance…


He holds her life in his hands…

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Aftermath – Book 4

He’s tasked with keeping national secrets. Her job is to ferret them out. Falling in love could be deadly for them both…


In the aftermath of the resignation and death of the President of the United States, someone is using lethal force to eliminate all threats. Their next target is Siobahn Murphy, an investigative journalist who is looking into the circumstances surrounding the President’s death. Siobahn believes that the President’s abrupt resignation and death are connected to the mysterious reappearance of military and law enforcement personnel who’d been declared dead. Men she believes were funneled into a secret government program aimed at creating superhuman soldiers. Men she suspects had been ordered by the President to carry out an attack that, if it had succeeded, would have killed thousands of innocent people.

When Siobahn is nearly killed, Ryker, the director of The Surgical Strike Unit, steps in to offer protection. Keeping Siobahn out of danger while honoring his oath not to reveal the details of the President’s resignation is a challenge Ryker relishes, even as he finds himself falling for the sexy, headstrong reporter.

As the noose tightens on the men responsible for killing the President, Ryker and Siobahn risk their lives to uncover the last remaining elements of a conspiracy surrounding a deadly scientific program that started during the Vietnam War.

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