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COMING SOON! Book two in the WAR series.

WAR: Intrusion


He’s trained to kill

WAR military team leader Lachlan MacKay has a simple mission: determine who is smuggling weapons to a vicious group of West African rebels, and stop them. His number one suspect is Dr. Helen Kirk. Everyone else believes Dr. Kirk’s reputation as a generous do-gooder, but with Lachlan’s deep-rooted distrust of doctors, he’s not buying it. He’s determined to ferret out the truth and stop the illegal flow of weapons before more innocent lives are lost.

She’s trained to heal

In a remote corner of war-torn West Africa, Dr. Helen Kirk is struggling to leave her past behind her. If she finishes restoring her general practice clinic to showcase status before a crucial fundraiser, then she’ll be able to return to the trauma center work she loves. The last thing she needs is Lachlan MacKay nosing around and asking uncomfortable questions. She can’t wait to be rid of him and get her life back on track.

Their definitions of right and wrong are about to be challenged

But there’s a new rebel leader on the rise and he’s decided to involve Helen in his deadly games. In order to stop him, Helen must work with Lachlan—a man who believes violence is an acceptable means to peace. A man whose actions may have cost her the career she loves.

In order to untangle the web of violence and deceit protecting the real mastermind of the weapons smuggling, Lachlan will have to reconsider his belief in Helen’s guilt. If she’s innocent, he’ll be forced to make choices with increasingly deadly consequences—for his reputation, for the war against the rebels, and particularly for Helen.

Faced with death, Helen and Lachlan must decide if their beliefs are worth dying for…or if their love is worth living for.

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OUT NOW. Book one in the WAR series.

WAR: Disruption

He’s been trained for war. No one prepared him for love.

WAR: Disruption cover

Black ops agent Max Lansing believes a powerful official within the United States military is protecting international arms dealer Heinrich Dietrich. Determined to make Dietrich pay for the attack that injured his younger brother, Max vows to hunt Dietrich down, even if it means going rogue.

Adrift after an attack destroyed her career and her self-confidence, former principal ballerina Emily Iwasaki has come to West Africa as part of a dance tour to raise money for war orphans. The tour is her best chance at regaining a sense of purpose.

With only twelve days to stop Dietrich from recovering a missing weapon of mass destruction and selling it to a vicious group of West African rebels, Max doesn’t have time to play babysitter. Yet when rebels attack Emily’s tour group, he steps in and saves her. As the days tick down to the arms deal, and all of Max’s attempts to get Emily to safety fail, they end up racing through the jungle steps ahead of the rebels.

Keeping Emily safe messes with Max’s timeline…and his revenge. But when it comes down to saving the day or saving his girl, there’s really only one choice.

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