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You've been wanting to learn Scrivener...

Your writer friends rave about Scrivener. They brag about being able to rearrange scenes with a simple drag and drop. They talk about how easy it is to access their character sheets and research notes. In fact, you’ve heard so many good things about Scrivener that you’re pretty much convinced everyone has been brainwashed. (Trust me, we’re in full control of our own thoughts.)

You’ve thought about trying Scrivener, but...

You're Too Busy

Your days are packed.

You barely have time to write, let alone learn a new software program.

So learning Scrivener remains on your “someday” list, along with winning the lottery.


Scrivener has always been on my bucket list, but I thought I would never find the time to learn it properly.

Already this evening, I've written 2,000 new words in the brand new file we loaded up in Scrivener. I can actually do this now!

Sharon Hamilton New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

It's Too Complicated

You took the first step and downloaded the trial version of Scrivener. You opened it up and whoa! It doesn’t act or look like Microsoft Word. So you shut it down and gave up, chalking it up as too difficult and confusing to learn.


I was terrified but my curiosity about writing with Scrivener won out. I'm so glad I chose Vanessa who makes Scrivener as easy as painting by numbers.

Kathleen Casey Writer

You’re Not Making Full Use of Scrivener

You’ve been using Scrivener for a while, but only a few features. You feel as if you’re missing out on a lot of the Scrivener magic. But you don’t have the time to comb through the manual picking out the pieces that will help you.


I was stuck and couldn't figure out how to use Scrivener. I had watched some videos online and through a Scrivener course by another company that I had purchased but was confused and I was not able to proceed with editing my manuscript.

The coaching session was awesome! Vanessa explained everything slowly and patiently. She was able to remotely view what I was doing on Scrivener and I could see how she used Scrivener. She answered every single one of my questions and truly helped me so I feel more confident and get back to writing and editing my story.

Ducktor Morty Author of The Can Do Duck series and The Mood Squad And The A.T.B.

It's Unfamiliar

I’m not going to lie to you. If you’re coming from Microsoft Word or any other word processing program, Scrivener is going to seem overwhelming at first. There are a lot of features that other programs don’t have.

But here’s the secret...

You don’t have to learn all those features in order to start writing in Scrivener.

Scrivener Your Way

  • Do you just want to start writing? Great. I’ll show you how. No bells and whistles. Just the bare basics. Because the most important thing is finishing your book.
  • Have a work in progress that you want to move into Scrivener? I’ll help you import it and get you back to writing.
  • Are you mainly looking for help with organization? I’ll walk you through those features that will keep your data at your fingertips, whether it’s keeping track of research or character backgrounds.
  • Want to set up a series bible? I’ll work with you to set this up.
  • Looking for assistance with tracking your words? I’ll introduce you to Scrivener’s targets feature.
  •  Switching from Scrivener 2 on the Mac to Scrivener 3? I can help you transition.

I've used the basic features of Scrivener for years, but after completing our session, I see how to make the more advanced features work for my purposes.

Lisa Purcell Author

Why learn from ME...

I’m a Fiction Writer Who Uses Scrivener

After starting out using Microsoft Word, I now use Scrivener for all my manuscripts from pre-planning to incorporating my editor’s comments into the final draft. My ninth book, which is book three in a series, was written start to finish in Scrivener. I also keep my series bible in Scrivener.

Most importantly, my writing process is a combination of plotting and pantsing. So I can help you work with Scrivener no matter what your writing process entails.

I’m an Experienced Teacher

Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Just because I use Scrivener doesn’t mean I’m any good at teaching it.

How do I know this?

I have a wide background in unconventional teaching. I taught high-school level math in a West African school. I provided tech support at several small companies, explaining software and hardware usage to executives who didn't have time for lengthy explanations. I taught adaptive horseback riding to physically and mentally challenged youth. More importantly, I’ve helped other writers just like you become comfortable with Scrivener.


Vanessa is really good at meeting people where they are - quite literally. It was super helpful for me to have her join me in my novel and show me some things I could be doing another way.

Esther Gulli Future best selling author of the yet to be released ....fill in the blank....

Ready to Move Past the Fear and Start Learning Scrivener?

If you’re serious about learning Scrivener, I’d love to work with you.

Price: $75/hr​

Sessions occur via online conferencing software and require an internet connection.

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