The Surgical Strike Unit (SSU) is a privately run special operations group. It was founded by Ryker, a Vietnam veteran, to handle the national security jobs that the government couldn't—or wouldn't—do.

At the start of the SSU series a microchip containing dangerous scientific research has gone missing. The SSU must locate the chip in order to keep the research out of the hands of the criminals and government agencies who would use the data to create a deadly, and unstable, army of superhuman soldiers. 

Musical Note: When I first heard "Citizen/Soldier" by 3 Doors Down I immediately thought of the men and women of the SSU.​



Undercover is a bonus novella that takes place before Vengeance. You do not need to have read Undercover before reading Vengeance. Also, Undercover is not a romance. Instead, it focuses on Niko's time undercover within Alvarez's organization.


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The Surgical Strike Unit Box Set: Volume 1

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Amazon offers an ebook bundle of the following books. If you already own one of the books, Amazon will just charge you for the books you don't already own.

The SSU: Vengeance, Betrayal, Retribution, and Aftermath. Here's the link: SSU Bundle

WAR: Disruption, Intrusion, and Opposition. Here's the link: WAR Bundle


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