10 Fun Holiday Gifts for Readers

Red holiday decoration balls, candy cane, red package, with greenery and snow

​It’s the holiday season, so I couldn’t resist browsing the internet to see what holiday gifts are out there for readers. ​Here are ten gifts that I thought were fun.

White mug with black text and black image of a stylized dragon

From Etsy.com

Yep. Because I DEVOUR books!

Pale salmon colored t-shirt with the slogan My Weekend Is All Booked

From Etsy.com

​Because what better way to spend your weekend than deep inside a book?

Coffee mug with slogan Please Go Away I'm Reading

From Etsy.com 

I sure could have used this mug while I was growing up.

Black t-shirt with white slogan

From Etsy.com

​Woe to the person who interrupts me while I'm reading.

Photo of a book spread on a wooden book stand

From Etsy.com

This is much nicer than the cobbled together one I've been using made from an empty box of tissues, a document holder, and a ruler.

First, I put the document holder on top of the tissue box, so that I'm not lowering my head and therefore straining my neck when I read. Why a document stand? Because of the raised edge along the front. Skinny books fit inside so that the edge keeps the pages spread. My iPad also fits nicely into this gap.

Photo of a black document holder atop a tissue box

Second, for thicker paperbacks and hardbacks, I put a ruler across the edge so I can balance the book on it.

Photo of black document holder with a clear ruler along its edge, sitting on a box of tissues.

Finally, I prop the book up on it, like this. (Yes, those are sticky notes behind the book. I have sticky notes EVERYWHERE!)

Photo of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas on a black document holder book stand
Black t-shirt with white slogan

From Etsy.com 

Long live the Oxford comma!

Image of a page titled Monthly wrap-up

From Etsy.com

​Looks like a fun way to track all the books I read. But I'd definitely need more pages...

Photo of a tote bag next to a plant

From Etsy.com 

I should tack a sign with this slogan on all of my overflowing bookshelves.

​10. T-shirt with Slogan: Dinosaurs Didn't Read. Now They're Extinct.

Gray t-shirt on white boards with a pair of jeans and pale green sneakers

​From Etsy.com

This one made me laugh out loud. What types of books do you think the dinosaurs would have enjoyed?

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​What's your favorite gift for book lovers? Let me know in the comments below.