#1LineWed – HAIR and SCALP

Today’s theme for #1LineWed on Twitter, sponsored by RWA’s Kiss of Death chapter, is HAIR and SCALP. I just posted one example from WAR: Intrusion, the second book in my new romantic thriller series WAR. There will be one more post later in the day.

If you’re not on Twitter, here’s what I posted last week when the theme was CLOTHING. These are also from WAR: Intrusion. Intrusion is still a work in progress, aka WIP, so there’s no guarantee these lines will stay in the book. 😉

His heart damn near broke as her tears soaked his shirt.

Helen’s hands trembled as she stripped out of her sweaty, blood-stained clothes and set them aside, to be disposed of later.

All of her books and clothes had been thrown into the center of the courtyard and burned.

She probed under the front of the man’s shirt, then Lachlan lifted the man up so she could check his back. “There’s no exit wound.”