In honor of April Fool’s Day, today’s theme for #1LineWed on Twitter, sponsored by RWA’s Kiss of Death chapter, is PRACTICAL JOKES AND GENERAL MISCHIEF. This one was really hard for me, since my characters are mainly focused on taking down the bad guys, not on joking around. However, I just posted one example from WAR: Intrusion, the second book in my new romantic thriller series WAR.

If you’re not on Twitter, here’s what I posted last week when the theme was HUMOR. These are also from WAR: Intrusion. Intrusion is still a work in progress, aka WIP, so there’s no guarantee these lines will stay in the book. 😉

“Sorry. It was a couple years ago. All I remember is that funky tree.”
“It’s Africa,” Lars muttered. “All the trees look funky.”

“That’s right,” he added in an aside to the hen. “I’m talking about eating you and your friend for dinner. How do you like that?”

“If I shoot you because you forget the signal, I’m going to patch you up without pain meds.” Lachlan laughed. “Fair enough.”