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Choosing the Right Font

I’m in the process of re-formatting my books for print. I’m using a different software and unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to import the font that I licensed for my current print books. So I’m trying to decide which of the fonts offered by this software will best suit my books. I want the font […]

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How Many Spiders?

Question: How many baby spiders does a momma spider have? Answer: Waaay too many! Yeah, tonight’s drama involved lots of baby spiders emerging from behind the splashboard of my kitchen sink. I found them crawling in the sink, on the counter, and on the windowsill. The momma was on the ceiling. Let’s just say that this is another […]

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June Issue of The KierDevil News Is Out!

The June edition of my KierDevils newsletter went out on Thursday, June 6th. It contained my latest list of funny typos. If you’re a subscriber and don’t see it in your Inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder. For Gmail users, it might also be on your Promotions tab. If my emails are consistently ending up […]

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Getting the Facts Straight – Police and Crime

I just discovered a new podcast aimed at helping writers get the facts straight when writing about the police. It’s called Writer’s Detective Bureau and is hosted by Adam Richardson, a police detective in California.  Although I don’t specifically write crime fiction, I never know when one of my characters might have a run-in with […]

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