Monthly Archives: January 2021

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2021, Torchwood, and Horror

Photo from I knew that 2021 was not magically going to be better just because the calendar turned over. Still, I hoped that we’d have a bit of a breather. A time where things didn’t get worse. Yeah. So much for that. The attack on the US Capitol building was a horrific start to the year. Plus, […]

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The January Issue of The KierDevil News Is Out!

The January edition of my KierDevils newsletter, the first issue for 2021, went out on Thursday, January 7th.  It includes the latest installment in my Adventures in Research series. If you’re a subscriber and don’t see it in your Inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder. For Gmail users, it might also be on your Promotions […]

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Happy New Year?

Despite it making no sense, the start of a new calendar year brings the hope for better times. I know that turning the calendar page doesn’t reset my luck or make me into the type of goal-setting, energetic author-entrepreneur that I long to be. But I couldn’t help but hope that this year, I’d finally […]

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