March 26, 2024

Image of a globe with photos of contestants next to the hosts of season 32 of Dancing with the Stars, Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough

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I only recently started watching Dancing with the Stars—starting with episode 32!

As someone with a lot of dance experience, the show has rekindled my love of dance. It has also brought home three key lessons:

  1. We’re each capable of so much more than we think. Many of the celebrities had no dance experience at the start of the season, but progressed to giving amazing performances farther into the season.
  2. Put your heart and soul into what you do. This is something I’ve tried to do over the years, but hearing the judges tell contestants to pour more of themselves into their dancing emphasized to me how important it is to live fully and be wholeheartedly authentic.
  3. Follow-through with your movements. Each time I hear the judges tell a contestant to complete their movements or to make each movement flow seamlessly into the next, I’m reminded to watch my own motion. I have a bad back and need to be mindful of how I reach for and lift items. I often start the movements properly, then get impatient and finish with little regard to whether it might put too much strain on my back. Now, I hear the judges’ voices in my head and I’m better about holding the proper alignment for the entire action.

So there you have it. Three lessons I didn’t expect when I started watching Dancing with the Stars. Have you ever watched this series? What were your takeaways?

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