A Bit of Humor

​​This week I thought we could all use a laugh (or at least a chuckle). So here are some jokes to lighten up your day.

I think I heard these on Smart Podcast Trashy Books (click or tap in the box or on the dots to reveal the answer):

What do you call a 200-year-old buffalo?

​A bison-tennial

Why do nurses use up all of the red crayons?

​Because they’re always drawing blood

How do you cut the ocean in two?

​With a sea saw

​I’m not sure where I heard this one:

A prospective student was being shown around a college campus. Her guide pointed out a towering stone building with stained glass windows and a graceful colonnade. “That’s the Hemmingway building,” the guide said.

“Earnest Hemmingway?” the prospective student said. “I didn’t know he was an alumni.”

“No. Martha Hemmingway.”

“Oh.” The prospective student didn’t want to appear ignorant, but couldn’t help asking, “So, what did she write?”

“A check.”