April 2, 2019

We like to have music playing in the background at my office. However, with five people sharing one room, it can sometimes be difficult to find music that doesn't annoy one of us or that we haven't heard repeatedly over the week.

Last week, one of my colleagues told Alexa to play an easy listening radio station and got The Breeze in the San Francisco Bay area, which is local to us. The next day, she told Alexa to play The Breeze radio station, and we found ourselves listening to The Breeze out of Auckland, New Zealand.

Picture of New Zealand and American flags with radio icon

We've been listening to it as part of our regular rotation ever since.

First, we love the accents!

Second, we're delighted by the variety compared to US stations. Most of the songs are familiar to us but often cause one or more of us to say "I haven't heard this song in FOREVER!" Plus, there are enough unfamiliar songs to make it interesting.

I'm particularly fascinated by the commercials. Normally I'm the type to change the channel or turn off the radio/television when a commercial comes on. But the New Zealand commercials are new enough to be a novelty. I'm sure that after another day or so we'll all be sick of them. Right now, though, we're enjoying turning to one another and going "Huh. I've never heard a commercial for XYZ service before."

I love being able to listen to a morning radio station from a country that's a day ahead of me. So cool!

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