September 12, 2021

Photo of a backyard with a square of grass, a wooden fence and the backs of wooden chairs underneath an overhand on the left. It's raining and the area around the grass is under water.

Photo licensed from Depositphotos. Copyright: Craig Robinson

Friday morning I awoke to the soft, rumbling sound of thunder in the distance. A rare occurrence here in Northern California.

Even better, it rained. Yes, we received beautiful, glorious, life-giving rain. Hard rain for a bit, then softer rain, then hard, etc. It lasted on and off for about 30 - 45 minutes. Probably not enough to do more than wet things down, but the psychological impact was huge.

We’re so drought-starved that the ran felt like a small miracle. Plus, I love thunderstorms. I couldn’t stop smiling. I went through my morning exercises with the windows open to the storm and the lights off. So peaceful.

Even days later, the song Rain, Rain Beautiful Rain by Ladysmith Black Mambazo is playing in my head.

Ah, simple pleasures.

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