Help! I Bought Scrivener (Now What?)

Scrivener is one of the most powerful tools in a writer's arsenal. Unfortunately, it's different enough that many writers take one look and run away, screaming in terror.

To help writers get past the weirdness and stop feeling overwhelmed, I'm offering a LIVE online class tomorrow, Tuesday, April 24, 2018. You can find all the information over on my tech site The Writer's Tech Stop.

If you know any writers who want to start with Scrivener but don't know how, please pass this information on.

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February Issue of My Newsletter Is Out!

I sent out the February issue of my newsletter yesterday. It includes a writing update, some photos, and a bunch of hilarious typos.

If you're a subscriber and don't see it in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder. For Gmail users, it might also be on your Promotions tab.​


Holiday Giveaway!

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Starting today, those of us over at the Not Your Usual Suspects blog are running a holiday giveaway. The grand prize is a set of 11 ebooks from the various mystery and suspense writers on the blog. My contribution is an ebook of WAR: Disruption, the first book in my WAR series.

There are also Amazon vouchers as prizes.

All you have to do to be entered is comment on the blog post. Tell us which romantic / suspense / mystery book you're looking forward to reading - or re-reading! - over Dec/Jan.

Here's the link to the giveaway post for full details and instructions

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

New book covers!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have completed my book rebranding project. The new ebook covers are live and I LOVE them. You can check all of them out here: Books

Here's an example of a Before and After. The one on the left is the original cover. The one on the right is the new cover.

For now, only the ebook covers have changed. I haven't yet decided whether or not I'm leaving the current book descriptions or will write new ones. Until I decide, it's not practical to update the print covers, which have the book descriptions on the back.

Want to know why I decided to change the covers and what considerations I took into account when working with my cover designer? Then head over to the Not Your Usual​ Suspects blog to view my post called "Judge This Book By Its Cover!"

A Halloween Short Story

If you're a subscriber to my Vanessa Kier newsletter (not my Scrivener one) then check your inbox for today's issue. It contains a Halloween short story set in the WAR world.

Not a subscriber to my newsletter? Join today and you'll get a link to the SSU/WAR Bonus Pack that contains all short stories and newsletter exclusive content to date, including today's Halloween story.​

A WAR Haunted House

Goodreads Print Book Giveaway

Have you started my WAR series yet? It's about an international group of special operators fighting to prevent West Africa from becoming the next terrorist staging ground.

Book four comes out in October, so if you'd like to get started now, here's a print book giveaway I'm running on Goodreads through August 3rd.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

WAR by Vanessa Kier


by Vanessa Kier

Giveaway ends August 03, 2017.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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