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New book covers!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have completed my book rebranding project. The new ebook covers are live and I LOVE them. You can check all of them out here: Books

Here's an example of a Before and After. The one on the left is the original cover. The one on the right is the new cover.

For now, only the ebook covers have changed. I haven't yet decided whether or not I'm leaving the current book descriptions or will write new ones. Until I decide, it's not practical to update the print covers, which have the book descriptions on the back.

Want to know why I decided to change the covers and what considerations I took into account when working with my cover designer? Then head over to the Not Your Usual​ Suspects blog to view my post called "Judge This Book By Its Cover!"

Redesigning my covers

Cover design to be determined

I’m getting ready to change the covers on my books. While I absolutely love my covers, my books are mostly appearing on thriller and suspense bestseller lists these days. I’m afraid the romantic suspense style covers may be turning away those readers.

I’m currently leaning toward having either no people on the cover, or a shadowy couple.

I’d love to get your feedback before I make the change.

  1. If you’ve read one of my books, how big a role did the cover play in your decision to purchase it?
  2. Do you have a preference regarding people or no people? Single person or a couple? Why?
  3. Are there thriller, suspense, or action-adventure covers that you love? If yes, please post a link or an image! I’d like to give my cover designer some samples as we discuss the new design.

Thanks so much!

Here are a few covers that I like. What do you think? Would any of these styles fit my books?

Redfall Cover
Remington Kane Cover
Dead Lawyers Don't Lie cover
The Shadow Patrol

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