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Goodreads Print Book Giveaway

Have you started my WAR series yet? It's about an international group of special operators fighting to prevent West Africa from becoming the next terrorist staging ground.

Book four comes out in October, so if you'd like to get started now, here's a print book giveaway I'm running on Goodreads through August 3rd.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

WAR by Vanessa Kier


by Vanessa Kier

Giveaway ends August 03, 2017.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Free First in Series Promo at iBooks

If you haven't started my WAR series yet, you can get the first book WAR: Disruption free through July 6th at iBooks.

He’s been trained for war. No one prepared him for love.

Black ops agent Max Lansing believes a powerful official within the United States military is protecting international arms dealer Heinrich Dietrich. Determined to make Dietrich pay for the attack that injured his younger brother, Max vows to hunt Dietrich down, even if it means going rogue.

Adrift after an attack destroyed her career and her self-confidence, former principal ballerina Emily Iwasaki has come to West Africa as part of a dance tour to raise money for war orphans. The tour is her best chance at regaining a sense of purpose.

WAR: Disruption cover

He’s been trained for war. No one prepared him for love. Get WAR: Disruption FREE on @iBooks.

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With only twelve days to stop Dietrich from recovering a missing weapon of mass destruction and selling it to a vicious group of West African rebels, Max doesn’t have time to play babysitter. Yet when rebels attack Emily’s tour group, he steps in and saves her. As the days tick down to the arms deal, and all of Max’s attempts to get Emily to safety fail, they end up racing through the jungle steps ahead of the rebels.

Keeping Emily safe messes with Max’s timeline…and his revenge. But when it comes down to saving the day or saving his girl, there’s really only one choice.

Romantic Suspense Giveaway!

Indulge your love of romantic suspense!

I’ve teamed up with 60 fantastic romantic suspense authors to give away a huge collection of novels to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a Kindle Fire to the Grand Prize winner!

You can win my novel VENGEANCE, plus books from authors like TONI ANDERSON, SHARON HAMILTON, and LAURA KAYE.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here.

Romantic suspense giveaway with Vanessa Kier
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Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

I'm participating in Read an Ebook Week over at Smashwords this week from March 5 - 11, 2017.

You can find my books if you scroll down on my profile page.

WAR: Disruption is being offered for free. WAR: Intrusion, WAR: Opposition, Betrayal, and Retribution are 75% off. Payback and Aftermath are 50% off.

When you go to a book's page, Smashwords will show you the reduced price and the applicable coupon code. To get the reduced price you have to choose Buy with Coupon.

Read an Ebook Week image with Raven

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New Book Discovery Site

A new eBook discovery site went live this week. It's called The Book Locker and its mission is to help you find your next favorite book.


This site offers a selection of free eBooks in a variety of categories. The books being offered will change on a regular basis, so you'll never know what gem is waiting for you.

I'm thrilled that the first book in my SSU series, Vengeance, is among the first batch of books being offered in the Romantic Suspense category. Whether you've already read Vengeance and want to see what other books strike your fancy, or if you've never read Vengeance and want to snag your copy, you can find all the current Romantic Suspense offerings here.

Happy reading!

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