May 14, 2019

Cartoon of girl wearing a beret with lightning bolts leaving her

If you've read Book 2 in the SSU series, Betrayal, you probably remember that Susana used some unusual curses when she lost her temper. Having a character use curses that could be said in front of young children was triggered by me trying not to swear in front of my nieces.

My curses, such as "Son of a turkey egg" and "Oh, fiduciary matters," are ones I still use, even though my nieces are in college.

Ironically, the people in my office also try not to use the hardcore curse words or phrases. Today, I misheard what a colleague said. I thought he said, "Oh, my California." I liked the phrase so much, that I decided to adopt it as another one of my safe curse phrases.

We're also trying out "Oh, CFL," which references a particularly onerous report we had to file with the state earlier in the year that took way too much time and was way too confusing.

Finally, we've declared that "Oh, double C" is the worst curse anyone in our office can say. This references a company whose initials are CC and who my boss declared to be The Company That Cannot Be Named. This company was so painfully difficult to work with, we're crossing our fingers that we never have to use them again. 

How about you? Do you have any kid-friendly curse words or phrases that you use?

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