June 27, 2022

Off the back of the six-day writing challenge earlier this month, I’ve had several extremely creative days.  I’ve thought story-related thoughts every day this month, so I’m on target for the monthly challenge.

Most of the time, I’ve been hit with ideas when not at my computer, so I’ve been dictating snippets of scenes along with plot and character ideas. And, because I spent so long in burnout, I’m letting my creativity play. One day I’ll be consumed by characters from one book, the next day it’s plot ideas for the rest of the books in the WAR series, the next it’s an idea for an entirely new story unrelated to anything I’ve written so far.

It’s all good in my book. As long as I’m coming up with ideas for my stories, even if the ideas are nothing I plan to put into action, I’m happy.

So yeah, that June creativity is still busting out all over!

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