August 3, 2021

As an introvert, it’s depressing to listen to business podcasts or read articles where aggressive, in-your-face, borderline sleazy tactics are held up as the only way to succeed as an entrepreneur. Or to find example after example of bubbly extroverts succeeding but not hearing about any successful people who are shy or introverted.

Enter Patience Ogunbona and The Introverted Female Entrepreneur Success Summit. This is an online fourteen-day master class focused on helping women like me, who don’t like to put ourselves out there and hate the idea of shouting at and manipulating people just to get a sale.

Day Two just finished up and so far I’ve been blown away by the sessions. There’s been a lot of helpful information. More importantly, the speakers have provided me with hope that people like me can succeed in business just by being ourselves and playing to our quiet strengths.

You can find out more about it on the summit’s web page

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