December 31, 2021

Black background with gold sparkles and white text Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year!

I hope 2022 brings you joy, laughter, and prosperity. This first of January, I’m going to be extra careful around sharp objects to avoid the bloody start I had to 2021.

As this new year starts, I’ve decided to try future casting. This means I’m going to write a list of my successes and date it 12/31/2022. I’ll include all of the goals I achieved during 2022. The idea being that by writing these things down as if they’ve already happened, your subconscious, the Universe, etc. will work to make them come true.

I’m hoping to make some big changes this year, so my goals are pretty ambitious. I’ll let you know next December 31st how the future casting worked.

What about you? Are you aiming for big changes in 2022? Little changes? Or hoping to keep things as they are?

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