September 7, 2020

I’d have moved to Las Vegas.

Or returned to West Africa.

While we didn’t quite get to the 112F predicted yesterday, we did get up to 109F today. That’s the hottest temperature I remember since moving to California in 1999.

Screenshot of weather showing 109F temperature

To help reduce the heat in my bedroom, which gets the afternoon sun, I went out and bought two emergency blankets. I placed the reflective material between the windows and the blinds. For the bathroom window, I taped a section cut from the bottom of one of the blankets I used in the bedroom.

Image of reflective material peeking out from window blinds

The reflective blanket sticking out from between my windows and the blinds.

Photo of reflective blanket taped over a window

Reflective blanket covering the window in my shower above my AquaNotes waterproof notepad.

The reflective material definitely kept the rooms darker. I think it also helped with the heat, at least somewhat, as the temperature in the rooms was tolerable. Even with air conditioning, those back rooms get super hot in the afternoon.

So, thank you internet for showing me a link to the blog post where a woman recommended creating heat blocking curtains from these reflective blankets. This solution was a lot cheaper and easier to put into place by myself than buying the heat reflective window film that’s so tricky to apply.

How’s the temperature near you? What extreme weather have you experienced lately?

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