January 29, 2023

Photo of several plant cuttings in water in juice glasses.

Photo copyright 2023 Vanessa Kier

For those of you who followed my move out of California, you know that one of my biggest regrets was leaving my jungle (aka house plants) behind.

Without plants, my new place hasn’t felt like home.

Until now.

Behold! I have received cuttings. They’re in water for now because I hadn’t thought this through. I hadn’t realized that, in the winter, the small plastic pots I prefer might not be available. But while my local stores had potting soil, they didn’t have appropriate pots.

I have ordered some pots online. Once they arrive, we’ll see how many of the cuttings survive the transition to soil. In addition to my longtime friend, pothos, there are four other plant types here. I’m hoping all of them will thrive in my new place. 

It won’t truly feel like home until I’m surrounded again by healthy, happy plants. 

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