KierDevils Exclusive Africa Photos

Photo of a bungalow in Africa

My bungalow, which was the model for Helen's bungalow in WAR: Intrusion.

Low building in Africa across dirt courtyard

This was one of the school buildings. It's where I had Helen treating the wounded after the Festival Day attack.

Image of school grounds showing two-level building

This is the athletic field that I used as a foundation for imagining the Festival Day grounds. The red arrow is pointing to the two story school building. I had one of the shooters firing from here.

Corner of room showing open doorway covered with lace curtain

Lace curtains to keep the bugs out.

View from courtyard out gate

The view out of the gate from the courtyard. 

Corner of a courtyard with window with security bars

Note the security bars on the window. There was a rash of burglaries in the area, so the administration put security bars on.

Blue and white checkered plastic table cloth on table

​My dining table in the main bungalow, where I ate. This is where I set the scene between Helen and Lachlan.

Desk in front of interior louvered windows

The louvered windows open onto the dining area. If you look closely, through the window on the left is my blue plastic water filtration system with ceramic filter.

Vanessa Kier sweeping with rushes

I'm sweeping the courtyard with my rush broom. Note that there are no security bars on the windows yet. I'm standing in the approximate place where Lachlan scared Helen near to death that night in the storm.

Vanessa Kier pounding banku

I'm pounding banku, which is made from fermented corn dough. It's then formed into grapefruit sized balls and eaten with stew.

Vanessa Kier washing clothes in a 5 gallon buckety

I'm washing my clothes. Don't I look thrilled?

Kitchen with old electric oven

My kitchen, which was accessed from the courtyard. This is where Helen was cooking dinner.

Five gallon metal bucket under shower head

When the water was running, I could use the shower. But sometimes I had to use only the bucket to bathe.