May 11, 2020

Public library in three floors with rounded shelves

I’m so thankful to belong to two excellent local library systems, particularly in this time when all physical libraries are closed. If one system doesn’t carry an ebook, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the other will. 

I love being able to check out books by authors I’ve never read before. Reading an excerpt of the first few pages isn’t enough for me. There are many books I’ve put down after a couple of chapters and even a few where I’ve made it past the half-way point before deciding I didn’t care about the characters enough to keep reading.

I also love getting the email saying that a book I've had on hold is ready to check out. With a few clicks, the book is in my library app and ready for me to read. 

Okay, confession. While I love the convenience of ebooks, I really miss paper books! There's just something extra special about feeling the paper underneath my fingers and physically turning the pages. I can’t wait until the libraries reopen and I can read paper books again.

Unfortunately, my local library will be closed for at least another year. The building is being torn down to make way for a new library, plus some new housing. For convenience, I might have to stick with ebooks a while longer.

Do you know that my ebooks are available for libraries to purchase? You get to read the book for free, but I still get paid. Win-win!

My ebooks can be found in the Overdrive, Axis 360, bibliotheca, and Smashwords library catalogs. I’ve put together an information page with the data about my ebooks that a library system might ask for when you submit the request.

Happy reading!

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