August 13, 2019

Set of headphones with wire

I listen to a lot of writing and publishing related podcasts, many of which are listed on my resources for writers page. But sometimes I want to listen to something different.

Here are the non-writing and non-business podcasts I listen to the most:

Science Friday - My go-to podcast for when I'm driving. Sometimes the science goes over my head, or they're talking about something I'm not really interested in, but mostly I just love hearing about the latest advancements or concerns in the various science niches. Plus, I never know when something they say will trigger an idea for a story.

Ask Me Another - Trivia and word game podcast. A lot of the pop culture references go completely over my head. And sometimes the answers are so completely obscure I wonder how they expected anyone to know the answer. But this is hosted by a comedian, so it’s light enough for me to listen to as I’m getting ready for bed.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me - If I'm in one of my protect-my-mental-health-by-avoiding-the-news states, sometimes even this fun news centered game show can be too much for me to handle. Other times, it puts a welcome perspective on the week's news. They also do mini-interviews with their celebrity guests, which makes it another place for me to pick up character and/or story ideas.

A Way With Words - Entertaining as well as informative, this podcast discusses the meanings and origins behind words and expressions. It’s as much research as pleasure.

Scotland Outdoors Podcast - I started listening to this for research, but continue to listen because I enjoy it so much. Scotland is at the top of my must visit list, and this podcast has given me ideas for dozens of places to visit that wouldn’t be on a normal tourist’s list. Note: I don't know why the podcast description says it's only 15 minutes. It's usually closer to an hour, and has been for all the years I've been listening to it.

I used to really enjoy listening to Car Talk as well. Unfortunately, one of the brothers who hosted the podcast died. Now it's in reruns. I’ll occasionally tune in if I’m in the mood, but I'll turn it off if it’s one I remember too well.

So, those are the podcasts at the top of my list for pleasure listening. What are your favorite podcasts?

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