August 15, 2021

Blue background with the wi-fi symbol in black

I’m shopping for a humidifier. Someone mentioned that having a humidifier helped clear up her allergies. Since nothing else is working for me, I figured I’d give it a try. So I’ve been doing research on the best models, then reading reviews. 

Some of the most current models you control via wi-fi. I’m sorry. What? Why? If I want to turn an appliance on or off, I walk over and push the button. I don’t need to control it from my phone.

It was the same thing with robotic vacuums. I ended up purchasing an older model because the newer models came with wi-fi.

I don’t want to talk to my appliances. I don’t want reports on what they’re doing. I need them to do their jobs without breaking down. Period. The end.

Plus, the last thing I need is more items in my home connected to the internet, providing points of security vulnerability. 

So hey, retailers, thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick to my “dumb” devices.

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