May 5, 2020

Recently, I watched an episode of a TV show that’s a thriller with a few sci-fi elements. I’ve watched other shows by these writers and producers, but I was thrown out of the story way too often by plot inconsistencies, given their level of experience.

Here’s what bugged me.

First. If you work at the CIA and find yourself suddenly framed by them and now you’re running for your life, DO NOT go visit your family. Of COURSE, the CIA knows where everyone you care for lives and has all of those places staked out.

Second. If, still being hunted by the CIA, you go undercover at a government facility, DO NOT use your real name.

Third. If both the CIA and a mysterious group are after you, DO NOT go walking in daylight on a public beach. In fact, DON’T go out in public. Period. Unless you’re heavily disguised. Which these folks were not.

Fourth. If you’re the bad guys and you capture one of the good guys and he has in his possession a camera on which he has filmed evidence against you, DO NOT conveniently leave the camera within arm’s reach of the good guy. It doesn’t matter if he’s chained up. He’s the good guy. You KNOW he’s going to get free. Why would you leave the incriminating evidence somewhere where he could take it with him when he escapes?

Fifth. Someone who doesn’t regularly carry a gun or practice at the range is not going to be able to hit a small target, such as a hand. It stretches believability, but maybe I’ll allow a VERY luck shot. Two lucky shots against two equally improbably small targets? Nope.

 Come on show writers. Anyone who’s watched a thriller or two is going to call you out on these. Step up your game!

How about you? What are your pet peeves regarding television shows?

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