May 4, 2021

Last weekend, while listening to the Scotland Outdoors podcast, I heard the hosts talking about International Dawn Chorus Day

I missed the official celebration. But, since I’ve been enjoying the local birdsong so much, this morning I decided to try to record the birds in my backyard.

You know, getting a decent recording is a lot harder than I expected. Not all of the birds sang loudly enough to be captured by my iPhone’s microphone. There was car noise. The crows joined in at one point, causing me to shut off the recorder until they quieted down.

But finally, I managed this (sorry if it’s a bit quiet):

Not fancy, but I think it gives a good sense of what I’m hearing in the morning. 

How about you? Do you hear birdsong in the morning? Does it seem louder now than before the pandemic?

  1. What a lovely sound to hear in the morning
    Great way to start your day.

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