September 13, 2022

I’m in the middle of packing up my current home in preparation of moving to the East Coast at the end of September. Because my things are going to be in storage for a month or so, I can’t take my houseplants with me.

My heart is breaking to leave these behind. All of my fourteen pothos were grown from one root stock over a period of ten to fifteen years. As you can see, they’d all but taken over my exercise room/library.

Photo of several plants on top of a bookshelf covered with a dark blue print batik with vines coming off the plants and going across the wall

Two of my many pothos plants

I found a local charity that repurposes donated plants back into the community, so this past weekend I piled all of my plants into my car and dropped them off. 

Photo of the back seat of a car covered with several brown paper grocery bags full of plants

Getting ready to drop my plants off to be repurposed into the community

Leaving my plant babies behind feels so final. So much like cutting away the California version of me in preparation of welcoming a new, hopefully happier, me.

This is what the same room currently looks like. So stark. So sad.

Photo of a bare wall with a bookshelf that no longer holds any plants

Plants are all gone!

Once I’ve found a new home, I’ll definitely be looking for my next group of plant babies to nurture!

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