August 16, 2020

Photo of forked lightning in night sky over a silhouette of a tree

Photo licensed from Depositphotos. Photo copyright Konrad Mostert

In the wee hours of this morning, I woke up to find sheet lightning flashing through my bedroom windows. This was silent lightning, without any rain. But accompanied by a very strong wind that had already blown a few items off my nightstand.

The sheet lightning continued for several hours before being joined by thunder.  This also lasted several hours. Again, without rain.

Thunderstorms are rare in the San Francisco Bay area. Even more rare for them to continue for over six hours. 

I loved it!

I kept my windows open so that I could let the ozone-scented air inside. And then, around the time when I was about to have breakfast, it rained. We’re in the dry season, so this was an extraordinary event. Not only that, it rained heavily enough and for long enough that my gutters filled up. 

I stood at the open picture window and watched the rain come down. It nourishes my soul to watch a rainstorm. The scent of ozone and wet earth, plus the sound of the rain hitting the roof and leaves created a lovely balm to my senses. 

Such a perfect start to a Sunday morning that I’d expected to be dry and hot!

How about you? Do you like storms? Or are you strictly a sunny day person?

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