The Creepy Crawly Earring

One evening not too long ago, I turned my head and noticed an irregular shadow underneath my chest of drawers. I could tell from the shape that it wasn't a spider. But I had no idea what kind of insect would have that sort of wiggly, oval shape. Some kind of beetle?

I prepared to get my spider-catching jar to take whatever it was outside.

That proved to be unnecessary, as the object was actually one of my earrings that had fallen to the floor. A trick of the light had made it appear all black.

This got me thinking about how we all make little mistakes when trying to interpret what's going on around us, yet I don't incorporate this into my stories very often. I probably should.

An oval, purple earring with gold chains

This is the insect-like earring. Innocuous in the daylight. Sinister in shadow.