June 21, 2022

If you like reading romances, I highly recommend the Fated Mates podcast, which I  found while searching for interviews with Sarah J. Maas.

The two podcast hosts, Jen and Sarah, have great chemistry. They’re sometimes hilarious. Sometimes raunchy. (This is definitely not suitable for work.) They’ve made me think about romances in a completely different way, helping me clarify what I do and don’t like for myself as a reader when I pick up a romance. And I’m certain that on some level, listening to them is making me a better writer.

As an added bonus, the podcast has a cool feature where the artwork changes as key points are being made during the show. So if they're having an in-depth discussion about a book, that book cover will appear as the artwork. I really like this, except when I'm listening to the podcast while doing something that doesn't allow me to see the screen of my phone.

I particularly recommend their Trailblazer series, where they interview the trailblazers in the romance industry. 


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