April 11, 2023

This past weekend was Star Wars Celebration, which featured panels and interviews with actors, writers, directors, costumers, and all other sorts of people involved in bringing to life the current stories being told within the vast Star Wars universe.

Three things strike me hard when I watch these videos.

First, is that everyone seems so happy. A constant refrain is that the Star Wars creation teams are like a family. You can see the ease between the various members. Hear their excitement at being a part of creating these stories. Watch the teasing and bantering of people truly comfortable with one another. They glow when they talk about their work, no matter what part of the production cycle they’re involved in.

As I look for a new job, finding that combination of joy and camaraderie is what I’m aiming for. 

Second, is that the stories and characters that have been created to-date are so well-done—so engaging—that they grab hold of the heartstrings and imaginations of thousands upon thousands of fans. Fans willing to travel halfway around the world to attend Celebration. This is proof of above-average storytelling.

I can only hope that I produce stories even a fraction as engaging.

Third, is that these stories are being told and promoted in a wide array of formats. There are movies, TV shows (both animated and live-action), comics, novels, and so on. There are costumes you can buy. Collectible art. Star Wars themed clothing. Games. Toys. Anything you can imagine, someone has probably created. 

I’m currently working on expanding my story offerings into paperbacks again. Ultimately, I want to have ebooks, print books of various formats, and audiobooks. I’m not sure that romantic thrillers lend themselves to artwork or games, but some day maybe I’ll get an idea for a science fiction or fantasy world and then I can explore all the other fun ways of getting my stories out.

Until then, I’m going to keep listening to these inspiring interviews and take heart that it is possible for creative people to be successful and happy.

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