The Rise of the Head Nod

As with so many things this past year, social interactions on the walking paths near me have changed due to COVID-19. With masks required in the presence of others, smiling in greeting at a fellow walker or cyclist is out. Many of us have masks, sunglasses, and some type of hat. It’s impossible to tell how we’re feeling or, unless we turn our heads, if we’re looking at someone. Because I use walking poles, waving is awkward and I’m always afraid that if I wave a hand holding a pole it might be seen as threatening.

Enter the head nod.

For people I see regularly, or with unfamiliar people who turn toward me, I give a dip of my chin as acknowledgment. I picked this up from a fellow walker and found it to be an easy answer to my dilemma of how to be social.

How about you? Have you picked up any new tricks for social interaction when we’re all masked up?

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