WAR: Opposition Is Finally Here!

Book three in the WAR series, WAR: Opposition, is finally available. You can find the ebook at most major e-retailers. The print book is also available in a few locations.

As my newsletter subscribers already know, I didn't expect this book to be about Seth and Kirra. I thought it was going to be Dev's book. But then I realized that Dev needed to grow a bit emotionally before he'd be ready for his story. So Opposition turned into the story of his sister, Kirra, instead, with Dev being a secondary point-of-view character.

I had a lot of fun writing these characters and hope you'll fall as much in love with them as I did!

Check out the Opposition page on my website for an excerpt and a playlist of songs that remind me of Seth and Kirra.

My cover designer made me a teaser graphic. What do you think?‚Äč

WAR: Opposition teaser graphic