October 5, 2021

Have you ever had one of those moments where it’s obvious the Universe is trying to tell you a change is needed and you just want to shout “I get it. Thanks!” In fact, there’s a card for this in Tarot. It's called The Tower.

Photo of The Tower card from Tarot with lightning striking a tower and people falling out of the tower

This is the Tower card from my Universal Waite Tarot deck. Photo copyright 2021 by Vanessa Kier.

Sometimes I get these messages from the Universe about big changes I need to make.

Sometimes about small changes.

Sometimes, depending on how I look at the incident or string of incidents, it can be interpreted to have a larger-than-obvious meaning.

So. Saturday night I was in the shower. The hand held shower head was not staying straight in its holder. It kept twisting to the side and spraying the shower door. This problem had been recurring on and off for months. However, this time when I attempted to adjust its position, the shower head somehow jumped out of its holder and plummeted toward the shower floor. But first, it walloped me on the forehead just above the outer end of my eyebrow. Ouch! That thing was darn heavy.

Photo of a dark chrome, hexagonal shower head lying in a plastic tub

This is the violent shower head that hit my forehead. Photo copyright 2021 by Vanessa Kier.

After my shower, I put an ice pack on my face. Yeah, not the best way to spend a Saturday night.

Of course, the immediate lesson was that I should have bought a new shower head months ago. Beyond the obvious, though, there are a lot of ways this incident could be turned into a lesson. I decided to take it as a sign that I’m a survivor. Even when innocent actions end up hurting me, I make it through okay. I have the resiliency and inner strength to view this with a touch of humor. It’s also a reminder that the things that rise up and bite me are almost never something I could have predicted in a million years.

As an additional bonus, the writer in me decided to turn this incident into a blog post.

Fortunately, while that part of my face is tender if I press on it, there’s no visible sign that this ever happened. The few places where I felt muscle tightness or tingling over the next couple of days have cleared up.

Yes, I did go out and get a new shower head. It’s a lot smaller and lighter. If it decides to take a swan dive toward my face, the impact shouldn’t hurt as much.

Photo of a round, chrome colored shower head and stalk

This is the new, non-violent shower head. Photo copyright 2021 by Vanessa Kier.

So yes, Universe. Message received. Thanks.

Maybe next time try something a bit less violent?

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