April 7, 2020

Photo of storefronts and parked cars in USA

This week I thought I’d share some ideas on how to keep cash flowing into our local businesses despite the COVID-19 shelter-in-place rules.

If You Have a Bit of a Cash Cushion

  • Buy gift certificates or gift cards. If this isn’t currently an option, call and ask if you can pay for several haircuts/massages/yoga sessions to be used once the pandemic is over.
  • Order take-out or delivery from your local restaurants.
  • Order online from those stores that have the capability. If they don’t have an online store, contact them to see if they’d be willing to accept an order to be shipped to you.

If You're Short on Cash

  • Recommend your favorite businesses to your friends.
  • Write positive reviews for services or stores on Yelp.
  • Also spread the love by recommending and reviewing books, music, and anything else that is keeping you sane and entertained while you wait out the pandemic.

Not only does every little bit help financially, but it shows the businesses that we care and that we don’t want to lose them.

Maybe if enough of us chip in, we can prevent the widespread disappearance of the local businesses that make our communities the unique places we’re proud to call home.

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