The Surgical Strike Unit (SSU) is a privately run special operations group. It was founded by Ryker, a Vietnam veteran, to handle the national security jobs that the government couldn't—or wouldn't—do.

At the start of the SSU series a microchip containing dangerous scientific research has gone missing. The SSU must locate the chip in order to keep the research out of the hands of the criminals and government agencies who would use the data to create a deadly, and unstable, army of superhuman soldiers. 

Musical Note: When I first heard "Citizen/Soldier" by 3 Doors Down I immediately thought of the men and women of the SSU.​

Vengeance Book 1 in the SSU Series
Betrayal Book 2 in the SSU Series
Retribution Book 3 in the SSU Series
Payback Book 3.5 in the SSU Series
Aftermath Book 4 in the SSU Series
Undercover an SSU bonus novella


The WAR series takes place in a slightly altered reality. Fifteen years ago, the nations of West Africa underwent a brutal period of civil war. These internal wars led to armed conflict between neighbors. When the fighting finally ceased, some countries of West Africa had merged and others had split. The books take place in this new geopolitical reality.

As the years passed, corruption once again reared its head. A new rebel group calling itself the African Freedom Army (AFA) has formed, promising economic and political freedom. Through a vicious campaign of violence, they seek to drive all foreigners out of West Africa and unite the area into a completely autonomous region. West Africans who disagree with AFA's narrow definition of what it means to be a loyal West African and/or their violent methods are targeted and killed.

The West African Rangers (WAR) is an underground political and military organization founded by Kwame Azumah, a former prime minister of Côte d'Ivoire. WAR's mission is to protect both citizens and foreigners from the uncompromising edicts and violence of the rebels and to return peace and democracy to the region. WAR also believes AFA wants to turn West Africa into a staging area for terrorist attacks against the rest of the world.

The series focuses mainly on WAR's military arm, their fight against AFA and its allies, and the civilians who end up trapped between the two.

WAR: Disruption Book 1 in the WAR Series
WAR: Intrusion Book 2 in the WAR Series
WAR: Opposition Book 3 in the WAR Series
WAR: Retaliation Coming Soon Graphic


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