#1LineWed – FACES

Today’s theme for #1LineWed on Twitter, sponsored by RWA’s Kiss of Death chapter, is FACES (features, expressions, etc.). I just posted one example from WAR: Intrusion, the second book in my new romantic thriller series WAR. I’ll post another example later in the day. Intrusion is still a work in progress, aka WIP, so there’s no guarantee these lines will stay in the book. 😉

If you’re not on Twitter, here’s what I posted last week when the theme was COLD. These are also from WAR: Intrusion.

She knelt there, head hanging down, alternating between hot and flushed and cold and shivering, as tears streamed down her face.

Hope and idealism had no place here. Only cold reality.

Her father hadn’t noticed the cold, greedy madness creeping up on her mother. Helen wasn’t sure it would have made a difference.