October 12, 2021

 I’ve been doing a lot of personal development work these past couple of months. One of my favorite people to listen to is money mindset coach Denise Duffield-Thomas. Some of the techniques she embraces might seem a bit woo-woo, but have resulted in surprising, although small, money wins for me. A lot of her suggestions are extremely practical, although doing work such as clearing money blocks can be difficult and emotionally draining.

But I’m serious about wanting to improve my financial situation, so I’m committed to doing the work.

Right now I’m taking her free 5x5 Money Manifesting Challenge. It’s held mostly in a Facebook group, although I do get a daily email summary of the day’s lesson. The energy in the group is amazing. So positive that even though I’m out sick from work today with terrible stomach problems, I still logged in to her afternoon live session since this will be the only time during the Challenge that I won’t be at work.

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a boost toward setting specific money goals and making the commitment to putting in the work to achieve those goals.

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