April 6, 2021

Here’s a flower to brighten your day.

Close up photo of a flower with a purple center, white petals, and purple and yellow spreading out from the center

Photo copyright 2021 Vanessa Kier

It sure brightened mine.

I was feeling sick. Miserable. Wanting to be anywhere but at work.

So I stepped outside our office building for a bit of restorative sunshine and fresh air. As I walked the path bordering the parking lot, I discovered this flower. It lightened my mood. In fact, it distracted me so much, I had to photograph it.

Side view of a white flower with a purple and yellow center and

Photo copyright 2021 Vanessa Kier

Pretty, isn’t it? I have no idea what type of flower it is.

For today, I’m calling it Mood Brightener. 

I hope it makes your day a bit sunnier.

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