June 15, 2021

I recently finished reading Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas. It’s the third book in the DC Icons series, with each book written by a different author. (NOTE: The red link goes to her website, where it says the book is on pre-order. Don't worry, it's actually live at all retailers. It was released in 2018.)

Purple and white sky over a purple tinged city with Catwoman's torso and head looking at the reader from behind a grey circular bank vault door with a black face of a cat on it that has glowing green eyes

Now, I’m not an ardent fan of this universe. Sure, I watched the Adam West Batman TV series as a kid. And I’ve watched some of the recent Batman movies. All I remembered about Catwoman was that she was a villainess.

I picked up this book because I love everything Sarah J. Maas writes.

She didn’t disappoint. I loved this book.

The Catwoman she built has a lot of similarities to the main character of her Throne of Glass series, Celaena Sardothien. She’s tough. She has compelling reasons driving her actions. She’s got the right balance of snark and attitude that never tips over the line into being cruel or unlikeable. 

I really empathized with Catwoman and would happily read more of her adventures if the publishers decide to continue this series.

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