May 3, 2022

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post explaining that I wanted to make my bedroom darker in order to help with my sleep. And how, as part of that, I’d bought a new alarm clock. After a couple of weeks, I have to say that overall, I really like the *JALL Sunrise Alarm Clock


I love the fact that I can turn off the glowing numbers at night. I definitely think that it helps me get back to sleep if I have to get up in the middle of the night, not knowing how much or how little time I have until my alarm goes off.

Round alarm clock with digital numbers turned off.

Photo copyright Vanessa Kier 2022.

I wanted a clock that had gentler tones for the alarm and I like the wind bells alarm on this clock.

I also really like awakening with the room already lit. It’s much less depressing to wake up when the room isn’t in total darkness, making me resent being up so early. Many mornings, I wake up before the audio portion of the alarm, which I feel is less stressful.

Round alarm clock with upper three quarters light with white light and orange lighted numerals giving the time at the bottom.

Photo copyright Vanessa Kier 2022.


The surface is a bit too reflective, so it catches lights on in other parts of the room and mirrors other objects.

The numbers are smaller than on my previous clock, so they’re harder to read at a distance. Also, depending on the viewing angle, the numbers can seem to float in a fuzzy orange haze.

Image of a round alarm clock with glowing orange numbers in a cloudy orange haze

Photo copyright Vanessa Kier 2022.

However, none of the cons are deal breakers for me. What’s much more important is that I’m sleeping better with a dark room and am less stressed at waking up to soft light. 

So, thumb’s up on this clock!

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