Voting Done!

Yesterday morning, before work, I took my sealed and signed ballot to the local town hall and dropped it in the official ballot box. It was a clear, crisp (for California) morning. The town hall has a fish pond and the water was mirror still in the early morning hush.

This afternoon, I received confirmation from my county’s ballot tracking program that my ballot was received and that my vote will be counted. Hoorah! Peace of mind achieved for getting this done.

How about you? If you’re eligible to vote in the upcoming US election, have you voted yet?

Photo of red iPad cover with two I voted stickers on it

Yesterday's I Voted! sticker is the bottom one. Sometimes I wear the stickers on my shirt, instead. Sometimes I stick them on my fridge.  FYI, this is a very meta photo. It was taken with my current iPad. The photo is of the cover on my old iPad, which I use only for Facebook.