July 25, 2022

While at the office, I usually put my music on shuffle and let my iPhone choose what songs I listen to. But outside of the office, here’s what I’ve been putting on heavy rotation, and how some of the songs tie back to my stories:

Sia - I can’t get enough of her album This Is Acting. It’s impossible to sit still while listening to it. Plus, when “Alive” comes on, I instantly think of Kirra from WAR: Opposition.

Imagine Dragons - Vying for top spot in my rotation with Sia, their latest album, Mercury, seems very much a pandemic album. I’m curious whether that impression will still hold true in a few years. There’s a song on their Evolve album, “Whatever It Takes,” that I've dubbed “Levine’s song.” Levine can be found in WAR: Intrusion and WAR: Opposition. The contrast between the reckless energy of this song and the poignancy of the glimpse we get of Levine in the final chapter of Opposition breaks my heart.

Three Doors Down - I discovered them thanks to a Janet Evanovich fan board way back when. Someone mentioned that the song “Kryptonite” made them think of the relationship between Ranger and Stephanie. I’ve been a huge fan of the band ever since. Their song "Away from the Sun" from the same titled album reminds me of Niko when he was undercover with Alvarez.

Florence and the Machine - No writing tie-in as of today. I just love the music.

How about you? What’s on your most frequent play list?

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