October 29, 2023

As a writer, I’m not a plotter, so I don’t write from a detailed outline. Instead, I let my creativity take me wherever it wants. Here’s a bit of what that’s like for me: 

I wrote a bit where the heroine receives a text message on her phone that clearly upsets her. She puts the phone away. 

Hero asks her what’s going on. Asks if he can help. She says no. 

Do I, as the writer, have any idea what’s in that text message? Nope. My writer brain hasn’t come up with that piece yet. If it’s important, it will come out later in the writing. Otherwise, that piece might be cut. Or changed. 

Whatever is best for the story.

An image of a female writer sitting at a laptop while ideas for her book float in a cloud over her head

This is a pretty good representation of how ideas flow to me while I'm writing.



I dictated this blog post into my phone.

The original last line was: Such is a day in the life of a writer!

However, the phone translated this as: Such is a day in the life of her radar!

Sorry, iPhone. I’m not writing a book about her radar!

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