A Matter of Degrees

​All day long I've felt off. Chilled to the bone. Yet ​my eyes have been burning. 

Cartoon of girl with pigtails wearing hot bottle on her head and with a thermometer in her mouth

I figured I might have a slight fever, so I took my temperature when I got home from work.


Wait! What?! No wonder I'm so cold!! Normal for me is about 97.5F. LOL

​Actually, I'm pretty sure that at 36.33F I'd be dead. Was the thermometer broken?

Nope. Somehow I'd switched it into ​Celsius mode.

Oh. Phew!

Darn technology. I didn't even know the thermometer had a Celsius mode. I haven't a clue how I switched it. ​

I took my temperature again. Only 97.8F. Nothing to worry about.

Never mind that it's 80F outside and I'm so cold I look like that girl in the photo with my scarf and fleece jacket on. Winter's ​come and it's living in my bones.

David - October 24, 2019

Fires in Northern CAL., your cold numbers inside, outside warm.
Climate change or Mother Nature showing who’s in control?

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