August 22, 2023

I love being outdoors in the summertime. The fresh wind on my face. The cheerful chirping of birds. The sunlight streaming through the trees in the woods. 

What I don’t like is getting sunburned or getting dive bombed and bitten by insects. So I use a thick, zinc oxide sunscreen and bug repellent. 

But when I go home and go inside, I want those things off my skin. My DIY tip for removing them is to use makeup wipes. I started using these unscented Neutrogena makeup wipes when I was working in an office.

Image of a blue plastic package of Neutrogena makeup remover written on a white label

They worked great after I returned from my lunchtime walk to get the white residue from the sunscreen off my skin so I wouldn’t be the gal in the office with the white bands of sunscreen across her skin.

They also clear the bug repellent off my skin.

Liquid makeup remover also works, but these are a lot less messy. Plus, the wipes are compostable. Win-win!

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