August 17, 2018

Break the Winter Doldrums 

Get Hooked on a New Series at iBooks

A rogue black ops agent and a former ballerina race to prevent a weapon of mass destruction lost in the West African jungle from falling into the wrong hands.

For those of you living down under, WAR: Disruption, the first book in my WAR series, is part of a special promotion currently running on iBooks in Australia and New Zealand only. Until 9/1/2018 it's just 99¢.

So break those winter doldrums and escape to the heat of West Africa!

Here's a snippet:

“Is that what happened to you?”

His body stiffened and she wished she could see his face. “No. My condition is the result of a personal disagreement.”

“That must have been some disagreement,” she muttered. Yeah, right. She bet he really was a spy. “You never did answer my question. Are you CIA?”

“Why do people assume that every American carrying a weapon is with the damn CIA?”

“That’s not an answer. Besides, you didn’t give me a last name, exactly the sort of thing a CIA agent would do.”

He snorted. “And you know so much about the CIA?”

She felt her cheeks heat. But before she could respond, he said, “Think whatever you want.”

“Well,” she huffed. “Who are you then?”

“A history and folklore professor who likes his privacy and is just in the area gathering data for his next book.”

This time she snorted. She might not have attended college, but no way could she picture this man with his barely contained energy and his military-grade weapon confining himself to a classroom or a stuffy office all day. “Don’t think I believe that for a minute. No history professor is going to carry such a—” No, better not let him know that she’d recognized his gun. “Such a…um…lethal looking weapon.”

“With the unrest and the violence against foreigners, anyone in this area had better damn well be armed,” Max retorted.

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