August 18, 2014

I am delighted to have been tagged by author Stacy Finz in the “Meet My Character Blog Tour.” This gives me an opportunity to introduce you to Max Lansing, the hero of my upcoming novel WAR: Disruption. Last week Stacy introduced us to Rhys Shepard, the hero of her debut novel Going Home, coming this October. Here’s a little bit about Stacy:

Stacy Finz is a former award-winning journalist. After more than seventeen years covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns for the San Francisco Chronicle, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction. In 2012 she won the Daphne du Maurier Award for unpublished single-title mystery/suspense. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband.

Stacy’s Website        Stacy’s Twitter        Stacy’s Facebook

What is the name of your character? Is s/he fictional or historical? Max Lansing is a fictional character.
When and where is the story set? The story is set in the present day, in an altered version of West Africa. A violently anti-foreigner rebel group has been terrorizing the area and has already taken control of two countries.
What should we know about Max? Max started off as a Marine then moved into an ultra black ops group. He’s highly intelligent and likes to know why he’s being told to do things, which made his time in the Marines a true test of mental discipline. Once you’ve earned his loyalty, you can count on him to always have your back. But if you betray him or those he cares about, as he believes someone in the military has, then he’s your worst enemy. He won’t stop until he’s brought you to justice. Most importantly, Max will go to any length, including putting himself in mortal danger, to protect or avenge the ones he cares about.
What is the personal goal of the character? Max wants to bring to justice international arms dealer Heinrich Dietrich. Dietrich is the man who provided the weapons and the intel for the attack that resulted in Max’s younger brother Wil losing his lower legs. Max has quit his job at the black ops group because he believes someone in the military has helped Dietrich to escape the numerous attempts to capture him. Afraid that Dietrich’s protector will hurt his friends or family, Max has done his best to cut them out of his life.
What is the main conflict? What messes up his life? Dietrich has arranged for the theft of the prototype of an experimental weapon and plans to sell it to a man aligned with the rebels who have been terrorizing West Africa. Despite being injured, Max has to stop the deal. He doesn’t count on saving former ballerina Emily Iwasaki’s life. Or having to rely on her to help him stop Dietrich. For a man used to being strong and in charge, being injured and dependent on Emily tests Max’s character. And of course, he doesn’t plan on falling in love…
Is there a working title? The title is WAR: Disruption. It is the first book in the WAR series.
When can we expect the book to be published? Sometime this fall.
Next week Theresa Rogers will introduce us to one of her characters.

Theresa Rogers writes erotica because, honestly, what psychological problem doesn’t come up when you’re naked with someone? She really believes in the power of stories to change lives but she also likes the funny. She lives in Northern California with her family, a Simple Dog and a Helper Dog, and a small grey cat, who likes to stare at her until she gives in, stops writing, and picks up the dang ribbon already.

Theresa’s Website        Theresa’s Twitter        Theresa’s Facebook


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