September 12, 2023

This morning, when I opened a new container of oat beverage, I was shocked to discover that the inner rim was filthy. Instead of traces of the normal, cream-colored liquid, it was dark brown.

What the heck?

Photo of the opening of a cardboard beverage container showing dark brown liquid on the rim.

This required additional investigation. I peered inside and….

Photo of the top opening of a beverage carton showing a dark liquid inside.


Photo of a carton of Trader Joe's Non-Dairy CHOCOLATE Oat Beverage

Looks like I bought the wrong flavor. Who knew they even made CHOCOLATE oat beverage?

But honestly, for someone moving quickly through the store, can you blame me? The differences are subtle.

Photo of a carton of Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Oat Beverage

This, unfortunately, is not the first time I’ve bought a flavored item at Trader Joe’s that had only a slight color change on the package.

So, personal lesson = Slow down, even if a severe thunderstorm has me rushing to finish my shopping so I can return home to weather the worst of it. 😉

Marketing lesson = If I ever do a series where it’s the same main character in each book, I’m going to make sure each book cover is different in an obvious way so readers won’t be confused.

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